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Delicately Sweet Vocals

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Sara Nelms

Sara Nelms has a Dixie Chicks + Norah Jones + Alanis Morissette likeness, and with the recent release of her debut album Lover, No Longer, it’s no wonder this enthusiastic and genuinely heartfelt folk country singer songwriter from New York simply exudes delight.

Developing her love for and techniques of songwriting in Tennessee, Sara’s musical experience is quite extensive. From Broadway to fronting her own band, her journey shows nothing less than dedication and a pure love for the ever-changing industry.

Tugging at the heart strings with an Americana soft groove, Epiphany is a unique and easy listening tune highlighting Sara’s delectably sweet voice, and Let Go only builds on the earlier mentioned sweetness, showcasing just how the classically trained singer can capture your heart with a few beautiful lyrics.

A little more on the country side of her folk-country genre, Wanna See Your Face brings out a little firey groove that instantly sticks in your mind, and Not Your Babe is a dreamy little do with an earthy base and a “don’t mess with me” undertone.

With a deep seeded goal to be a good role model for young women, Sara’s determined to show her worth by talent, not by her looks.

“I hope that through my music and my expression of emotions and how I live my life, I can prove this. Feeling makes you stronger, not weaker. I want to teach people to be healthy and loving and respectful of themselves and others,” she says.

And when she’s off hiking, travelling, eating chocolate or drinking wine and coffee during her down time, we can always melt into the lovely sounds of Lover, No Longer. The pure, uplifting nature of this album will surely be enough to help you through some of those challenging moments in life where just a dash of Sara Nelms’ creative expression can bring you back up to your happy place.

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Review by Siobhan Chapman

Date published: 29/05/13


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